Welcome to our CTEZ online ordering information web page. CTEZ is our superior technology platform for online ordering of Title, Escrow, and other bundled services. CTEZ is available 24 hours a day for convenient electronic ordering and retrieval of your Title and Escrow Documents.



If you need a password please contact your Chicago Title Representative.

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CTEZ Customer User Guide

CTEZ Customer User Guide

CTEZ Calyx Point User Guide

CTEZ Calyx Point User Guide

(Rates are for California Only)

Calyx Point Chicago Title Residential Loan Rates *
Residential Loan
Rate File Updated 10/6/2010

Calyx Point
Chicago Title Homeowners
and Lenders Concurrent Rates
Homeowners Rate File Updated 1/10/2010

Calyx Point Chicago Title Residential
and Lenders Concurrent Rates
Residential Rate File Updated 1/10/2010

*These files will install to:
Please replace drive letter "C" during install with
Network or Local Drive letter if your program is
installed in a different location.


1. Obtain a Password from your Chicago Title Sales representative.
2. Go to www.ctez.com and click the login link:
(Calyx Point users please see user guide above)

  3. Enter your email address and password:

4. Click the "Place a New Order" link:

  5. Enter your property address and zip code, then press the "Tab" key. Now select either Title and Escrow or Title Only. And then click "Continue"


  6. Enter Loan, Borrower, Title, and Closing Information. Be sure to specify any Special Instructions for Title and Escrow. Then click the "Place Order" button at the bottom of the screen. (Title only option will omit Escrow)

  7. Review all of the information you have submitted and if everything is correct click the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise click the "Cancel" button to go back and fix any wrong or missing information.

  8. You will now see a confirmation screen with your CTEZ Transaction Number (this is not your Chicago Title Order Number.) You can now logoff, click to open another order or click the link to review your existing orders.

  9. You will also receive an email confirmation that your order was placed and received. Now just wait for your Title and Escrow documents to be emailed to you!

  10. If you ever need to obtain your Title or Escrow documents simply login to CTEZ. Then just click on the appropriate order link on the menu and you can download directly from the web site.